The APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition is a comprehensive meeting for pharmacy professionals and future leaders in pharmacy where you can learn about leadership, career opportunities, and patient safety from nationally recognized experts. The 2022 Annual Meeting is held March 18th -21st in San Antonio, TX.

What you can expect at this year’s conference

APhA2022 to Feature More Than 100 Education Programs

The American Pharmacists Association 2022 Annual Meeting & Exposition (APhA2022) takes place in San Antonio, Texas, from March 18 through March 21. Because the landscape is rapidly changing for pharmacists, now is the time for practitioners to face their professional challenges with an influential community of colleagues and peers. From learning about innovative practice initiatives to building sustainable business models, APhA2022 will help pharmacists meet their needs. Read more.

Keynote Presentation Redefines “Possible”

During the Second General Session on Sunday, March 20, at 9 am, Mick Ebeling (right), founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs—who has made it his mission to make the impossible achievable—will share the secret recipe he used to help a paralyzed artist create art again. Mr. Ebeling describes how he collaborated to reimagine, redefine, and reinvent how prosthetic limbs are made in the Keynote Presentation titled, “Redefining Possible.” Read more.

APhA2022 Schedule at a Glance

THURSDAY, March 17
8:30 am-5:00 pm: 2022 APhA Pain Institute: All Things Opioids
9:00 am–6:00 pm: DigitalHealth.Rx 2022
FRIDAY, March 18
7:00 am–6:00 pm: Certificate Training Programs and Advanced Training
7:30 am–1:00 pm: Federal Pharmacy Forum
8:00 am–4:30 pm: Education Sessions
8:30 am–4:30 pm: Day of Science
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Session Updates COVID-19, Other Immunization Protocols

In a Community Pharmacy track session on Saturday, March 19, at 2:30 pm, Steve Foster, PharmD, FAPhA, and Jeffery Goad, PharmD, MPH, will describe how immunizations have taken center stage throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. APhA2022 attendees will receive the latest updates on immunization best practices, both COVID-19 related as well as non-COVID-related, from the most respected immunization experts in pharmacy.
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Post Conference Wrap Up

APhA President Leal Lauds Pharmacy's Perseverance, Leadership

In a general session of the recent American Pharmacists Association (APhA) 2022 Annual Meeting & Exposition in San Antonio, Texas, 2021-2022 APhA President Sandra Leal, PharmD, MPH, FAPhA, CDCES, (above) described the current pharmacy climate, characterized by challenges posed by staff shortages, legislative efforts to achieve and refine provider status, and ensuring that marginalized populations have access to healthcare. Read more.

Pharmacies Collaborating for Optimized Medication Delivery

In an education session during APhA2022 titled "Health-System and Community Pharmacy Collaboration," Tamara McCants, PharmD, assistant professor, Howard University, defined the differences between health systems and community pharmacies, described the types of opportunities for new collaboration, and identified ways to strengthen current pharmacy practice collaborations. Read more.

Session Delivers Annual Diabetes Update

In an education session during APhA2022 titled "Know the Facts: Annual Diabetes Update," Susan Cornell, PharmD, CDCES, FAPhA, FADCES, summarized changes to the American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, described emerging trends in disease management, and covered therapeutic decision making when treating patients with diabetes. Read more.

Presentation Puts Forth Vaccination Clinic Dos & Don'ts

In a presentation theater during APhA2022 titled "Why Words Matter: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Adult Immunization," Jewel Sophia Younge, PharmD, BCPS, (above) and Trishia E. Shaw, PharmD, BCPS, reviewed adult immunization rates across the United States and discussed the importance of cultural competency in healthcare and immunization education for patients of various backgrounds in the community, offering tips for conducting effective vaccination clinics. Read more.

APhA President Asks Pharmacists to Seize the Moment in San Antonio

At the American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting & Exposition (APhA2022) General Session on Sunday, March 20, Theresa P. Tolle (right), incoming president, APhA, called on attendees to take an active role in effecting change in the profession and stepping up to receive the hard-earned recognition that is due pharmacy professionals. Acknowledging frustration with current conditions, she also said that she can see "a vision for where we can be." Read more.

Driving Naloxone Distribution to Save Lives

In a session during APhA2022 titled "Yes You Can: Naloxone Distribution and Communication Strategies to Help Save Lives," Thomas Franko, PharmD, reported that all 50 states currently permit pharmacists to dispense naloxone to high-risk patients through either standing orders or statewide protocols. Pharmacists, he stressed, are in the best position to boost naloxone use and save lives. Read more.

FDA Advises Attendees of COVID-19 Progress, Other Priorities

In an APhA2022 education session presented titled "FDA Update," Lindsay Wagner, PharmD, BCPS, branch chief, FDA, and Beth F. Fritsch, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, senior advisor, FDA, apprised attendee of the latest important regulatory updates while providing insight into the agency's current priorities while fulfilling its mission of promoting and protecting public health. Read more.

Updating Immunization Initiatives

In an education session presented during APhA2022 titled "Know the Facts: Annual Immunization Update," noted immunization authorities Steven Foster, PharmD, FAPhA (right), and Jeffery Goad, PharmD, MPH, described the latest regulatory updates impacting immunization delivery by pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. The presenters acknowledged the vital role of pharmacists in COVID-19 vaccine delivery, adding that the pandemic perpetuated a backlog in pediatric and adult vaccination. Read more.